Buying a Home

For most buyers, purchasing a home is the biggest purchase of their lives—but according to a recent survey, the majority of them don’t exactly feel prepared.

What does this mean for you? If you’re buying a home for the first time, second time or for the 40th time, you want to feel as prepared as possible—and that means

working with a qualified real estate agent. The right agent will help you feel prepared for every step of the homebuying journey—and make the entire process of buying a home feel less complicated and difficult.

I work to make sure my clients understand and learn the buying process by answering all their questions.  Some buyers feel like their questions are dumb, I say there are no dumb questions you should feel comfortable with the entire process.  I don't want my clients to just blindly trust the process, I want them to understand how to buy their dream home. 

When you (finally!) find the home you want to buy, you want things to 

move as quickly as possible. But there are a number of delays many buyers face on the road to homeownership—and if you want to close quickly, you need to anticipate and avoid them.

The most common problems that can delay the purchasing process: 

       30% – Issues related to obtaining financing

       25% – Appraisal issues

       16% – Home inspection/environmental issues

       9% – Contract-related contingencies

Now that you know what they are reach out to me and I'll help you get started in setting the stage for a successful purchase.